A family's home was hit by gunfire as suspects shot at each other in a West End neighbourhood park Tuesday night.

Police received several calls from people in the neighbourhood who heard shots being fired at a park on Furby Street.

Two bullets hit Catarina Stewart's house. Her family wasn't home at the time, but one of the bullets was lodged in the wall, just inches from where her newborn baby girl normally sleeps in the room.

"It's pretty terrifying. I'm glad we weren't here. I usually nurse her on the bed," said Stewart.

Officers told Stewart her home wasn't targeted.

Cheryl Brisson lives upstairs at the house and was inside at the time the shots were fired.

"'I'm very careful and very aware of my surroundings but…I don't even know if that even counts anymore. Stray bullets flying your way, (it) doesn't matter how careful you are," said Brisson.

No injuries were reported in the shooting, said police.

Officers continue to look for suspects in the shooting.

- with a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout