A body was discovered in the Red River near the Redwood Bridge on Saturday.

Police were called to the scene around 9 a.m. They say are in the process of identifying the body, which is female.

Police say they have made notifications based on “tentative identification,” and do not suspect foul play.

One family says it's their relative, Sandra Murray, that was found.

They say she likely wouldn't have been found without the help of volunteers from the Drag the Red effort to find the bodies of missing and murdered indigenous women.

“We can credit pretty much everybody that was searching,” said Darryl Contois, Murray’s brother. “I’m not going to deliberate on who pulled her or who did what, but I’m glad everyone was there and we found her when we did.”

“They’ve been snagging a lot of things” said MKO Grand Chief David Harper. “And it’s very unfortunate, these things do happen, but it is, in a way, a blessing for the family.”

The family says finding the body offers closure.

Police continue to investigate.