A serious two-vehicle collision Wednesday morning resulted in the closure of the eastbound lanes of the Perimeter Highway at Brady Road.

At least one person died in the collision, however the exact circumstances of the crash weren’t immediately released.

A van and a truck at the scene of the collision had extensive damage.

Both Winnipeg police and RCMP were on site.

A spokesperson for STARS Air Ambulance said crews were dispatched to the scene of a two-vehicle collision. STARS said it did not transport anyone to hospital from the scene.

R.M. of Macdonald Reeve Brad Erb said the collision highlights a need for safety improvements.

In 2011, 18-year-olds Cody Rempel and Jordan Polanski of Sanford died in a collision at the same intersection.

“I’m saddened to hear that may have happened again today,” said Erb. “That’s heartbreaking.”

“Those are the concerns. No one wants to see that.”

A short-term safety plan for the south Perimeter calls for the elimination of most at-grade turning lanes on the roadway with the exception of signalled intersections and Brady Road.

At the Brady intersection, the design calls for the removal of left turns from Brady Road back on to the Perimeter. The left turn into the landfill would stay.

The strategy is currently being reviewed by the province.

It’s not known how much longer it will take.

“Our thoughts today are with the victims and families affected by this tragic accident,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler in an emailed statement. “We understand the RCMP are investigating the accident and will await the results of that investigation.”

“Our government puts public safety at the forefront in decision making and we are committed to making Manitoba’s highways as safe as we possibly can.”