It may be the next step in fitness tracking technology and it's designed by a Winnipeg family.

Elvis and Larry Goren own one of three Manitoba companies heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their product is the Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve, a wearable activity tracker.

"We’ve made it more comfortable," Elvis Goren said.

He and his father Larry spent six weeks turning a vision into reality.

"I brought the idea to him who's the engineer and I said ‘hey look would something like this be possible’ and he said ‘yes’," he added.

Together they've created a removal sleeve that can be equipped with an Electrocardiogram (ECG).

The device collects health data including your heartbeat, stress levels and sleep.

The user can then track the data on their smart phone.

"You look at athletes today in any sport, when do ever see anybody wearing a watch,” Goren said.

He explained the sleeve is closer to your body than a watch or bracelet it can pick up more accurate information.

“Compression clothing like sleeves of any kind are ubiquitous in the sporting world, so it made so much sense," he said.

The Gorens say their relationship as father and son helped them speed things up.

"Timewise it developed unbelievably fast, that's probably the reason, the 24-7 communication we have," Larry Goren said.

"We’re a good duo," Elvis Goren added.

Kay Gardiner with the ICT West says 26 other companies will also represent Western Canada in Las Vegas.

The Gorens may be the only ones introducing a product not just as business partners but also as father and son.

"There have been family businesses since the dawn of time, so why not a family business in technology,” said Gardiner. “It made all the sense to me."