With the price of gas on the rise, many are looking for ways to save a few bucks.

Automotive experts say it can be as easy as keeping your tires full of air.

“If you have incorrect air pressure, a good rule of thumb is that you could be losing roughly a dollar twenty for each fill up,” says Nick Hodges who is the owner of Kal Tire on Portage Ave.

Hodges says people often make the mistake of looking at a tire to determine if it’s low instead of using an air pressure gauge.

Experts say that method is costing you. Rather, you should check inside your car door to see what the correct air pressure is for your car.

Hodges says you should never inflate to the number written on the tire.

"What it says on the sidewall of your tire is what you can inflate the tire to if you have to, not what it should be run at 24/7," says Hodges.

Another way to save money on fuel is investing in low rolling resistance tires. Instead of being made from rubber, these tires are made from high density silica and canola oil.

"It dissipates heat tremendously, so it rolls more freely, so effectively, you get a lot further for a lot less," says Hodges.

Experts also say keeping air filters clean and performing regular maintenance will also ensure your vehicle runs smooth and efficient.

It’s recommended to check your tire pressure once a month. Experts say to check in the morning for the most accurate readings.