WINNIPEG -- If you head to Festival du Voyageur this year, you might notice a new logo for the event.

The festival is looking to embrace more of its Indigenous heritage this year.

Jordan Stranger, a local mural painter, was asked to do the project and said it was a true honour.

He said he had never worked on a project like this, but he tried to capture the Indigenous culture he was born into.

"Nature and the weather and the season and the vibrant colours, which we had talked about earlier on in the planning phases," said Stranger. "The tepee and the forts needed to be at the centre, similar in size, with the sash very welcoming in the form of almost like a heart."

Stranger said it was important for the design to showcase that everyone is welcome at Festival and it is an exciting place to be.

The new logo will be featured throughout Festival du Voyageur, which starts on Friday Feb. 14 and runs until Fed 23.