Firefighters have brought a wildfire in Riding Mountain National Park under control after five days of burning, Parks Canada officials said.

The fire began May 16 in the Birdtail valley and has slowly moved in the the province to consume about seven kilometers of the park.

One fire crew was still monitoring the blaze and controlling any hotspots on Monday.

Cooler temperatures helped limit the spread of the fire, officials with Parks Canada said.

There is no immediate danger to people or property, officials said, but smoke was visible for several kilometers around the area. No fire bans or trail closures were in place Sunday.

An initial investigation has found that the fire was caused by humans, so park officials are asking visitors and residents to be careful when lighting fires and to ensure they are fully extinguished before they leave the area.

Some areas of the park remain on high fire hazard alert. The park has seen very little precipitation this year and the dryness is a concern for park officials keeping an eye out for wildfires.

Park officials reminded the public that though wildfires can be dangerous, grasslands like those in the park do benefit from the burns, as some plants and trees require fire to germinate. Fire also helps recycle soil nutrients, officials said.