The president of the Winnipeg firefighters union said members are "shocked" that police arrested one of their own for an alleged theft.

Winnipeg police say a Winnipeg firefighter has been arrested for theft under $5,000. Officers say the incident is work-related.

The fire fighter was arrested Decemeber 8.

Alex Forrest, president of the United Firefigthers of Winnipeg president, told CTV News the union can’t comment on the case because it doesn’t want to interfere in the investigation.

“All members of the fire and paramedic service are shocked at these allegations, as these charges go against everything a firefighter or paramedic stands for,” he said in a statement to CTV.

“In regards to his employment status, we will ensure this person will have due process, as this person is innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. In regard to his criminal defence, we can state that we are not involved in the criminal defence of this person nor are we funding the defence in any way.”