WINNIPEG -- Five schools in Manitoba are announcing potential COVID-19 exposures Friday.

One potential exposure occurred at the University of Winnipeg Collegiate, located at 515 Portage Avenue, while the other occurred at Kleefeld School, at 101 Friesen Avenue. Kleefeld is located nearly 58 kilometres south of Winnipeg.

The potential exposure at the University of Winnipeg Collegiate occurred on September 28 and 30, and October 5 and 7. The province said there is no evidence of in-school transmission or that the infection was acquired at school.

"Public health is reaching out to close contacts to advise to self-monitor for symptoms and seek testing if they develop," the province said in its bulletin.

The potential exposure at Kleefeld School happened Oct. 1 and 2. The cohort impacted is self-isolating and has moved to remote learning.

Later on Friday, three other schools announced potential COVID-19 exposures.

Kildonan-East Collegiate, located at 845 Concordia Avenue, announced a person with COVID-19 was in the school on September 29 and October 1. The exposure was assessed to be a low risk, and the school believes the case was not acquired in the school. No contacts have been advised to self-isolate.

O.V. Jewitt Community School, located at 66 Neville Street, said a case was in the school on September 28 and 29. The exposure was also assessed to be low, and the school believes the infection was not acquired at the school.

A confirmed case of COVID-19 was also in Faraday School, located at 405 Parr Street, on September 29 and 30. The risk of exposure was assessed as low in this instance.