WINNIPEG -- A flight into Shamattawa First Nation, a community 700 kilometres north of Winnipeg, made a rough landing Sunday evening.

The Perimeter Aviation flight departed from Thompson, Man., without incident.

But according to Eric Redhead, the Chief of Shamattawa First Nation, the landing in the northern Manitoba community wasn't routine.

Redhead says once the plane touched down a little after 5 p.m., it veered off the runway and crashed into a snowbank.

Perimeter Aviation told CTV News there were 11 passengers and two crew members on board at the time of the crash. While the aircraft's side propeller was damaged during the incident, Perimeter Aviation said there were no injuries reported.

However, Redhead says it was very traumatic for the people on board.

“The conditions were great. There were clear skies, no blowing snow, nothing," he said. “The runway was in tip-top shape, as I landed earlier today as well. And the runway was in great shape."

"Perimeter Aviation is making arrangements to visit the community as soon as possible to provide an update to the community, leadership, and passengers," the airline said in a written statement to CTV News.

Perimeter said it is investigating the cause of the crash and will be sharing the results when the investigation is complete.