WINNIPEG -- RCMP officers have arrested a man in Saskatchewan who allegedly robbed a bank in Flin Flon, claiming he was carrying an explosive device.

Mounties said around 1:10 p.m. on Jan. 14 officers were called to a financial institution on Main Street after hearing reports that a man went into the business and demanded cash.

RCMP said the man claimed he had an explosive device in a bag he was carrying, as well as a gun. RCMP said the man took cash and ran, leaving the bag behind.

Officers secured the bag and determined there was no explosive device. RCMP said no firearm was seen during the robbery.

One of the officers recognized the suspect after talking with witnesses, noting she had talked to the man about an hour before the incident.

The next day Creighton RCMP arrested a man at a home in Denare Beach, Sask.

Marcel Sewap, 44, from Flin Flon has been charged with robbery and uttering threats. He has been taken into custody. The charges against him have not been proven in court.

RCMP continue to investigate the situation.