WINNIPEG -- The owner of Winnipeg’s Food Fare learned a $10,000 fine for staying open on Good Friday was made in error.

Munther Zeid said he was shocked when police served him with the fine for opening the Portage Avenue location on a statutory holiday.

“It’s just very confusing now about what’s supposed to happen,” he said.

Another store was fined $1,000 for the same reason.

Police said the tickets shouldn’t have included a pre-set fine.

The businesses should have instead been given a notice to appear before a magistrate who would determine the amount.

Zeid is calling on the government to change the law and is asking others to join him.

He asks: “If the government can make money that day by opening a store, opening casinos, bars, beer vendors, liquor marts, and the weed stores, which is high ticket tax money, why can’t we sell groceries?”

Zeid started a petition to allow locally-owned small and medium-sized businesses to stay open on stat holidays.

He estimated it’s garnered about 10,000 signatures so far.