The affects of the economic slowdown just keep showing up, and while so far Manitoba has been less affected than other provinces, it seems some businesses here are not immune.

Forestry giant Tolko has announced it will curtail production in The Pas. Tolko Industries Ltd. recently announced reductions to its lumber production due to poor markets.

"This action is a necessary response to the difficult market conditions dimensional lumber producers' face," said Mike Harkies, Tolko Vice President & General Manager, Solid Wood & Kraft Papers.

"We appreciate our customers and employees understanding as we manage our business through these challenging times," added Harkies.

This news comes on the heals of a recent announcement by HudBay Minerals that it would close its zinc mine in Snow Lake.

That move is expected to cost the community 107 jobs.

Manitoba's forestry industry employs about 2,500 people and makes up almost five percent of annual exports from the province.

The opposition Tories say the recent economic news is indication the Doer government didn't plan ahead during good times to come up with a strategy to combat the bad times.

"After more than nine years with a generous federal government and a healthy international economy, the NDP has failed to ensure industries like forestry are prepared to weather an economic storm," Industry Critic Blaine Pedersen said.

The doer Government is consulting with the community of Snow Lake to try to lessen the blows of the layoffs there.