The provincial government is investing in improvements to the walls surrounding the site of Winnipeg’s Festival du Voyageur.

The government’s $100,000 investment to shore up the walls of Fort Gibraltar will also be used to renovate three cabins on the site. The roofs of the three cabins will be replaced.

"We are pleased to announcement a $100,000 announcement for the refurbishment and taking care of rotting logs and redoing the palisade and really making this place look much better than it should," said Ron Lemieux, local government minister.

The people who run the Festival du Voyaguer said the investment means a lot.

“This unique venue really brings to life the history of the Red River settlement, for the locals and the visitors that come near and far throughout the year,” said Geneviève Clément, president.

Clement said the investment to the site is both culturally and economically significant. The festival grosses almost $13 million per year and is western Canada's largest winter festival, she said.