Freshwater jellyfish have been spotted in a Manitoba lake, which is believed to be the first time the creatures have appeared in the province. 

Manitoba Water Stewardship issued a warning about the invasive species.

The province warns the creature brings a threat to the Manitoba ecosystem since any time a new species to the area is introduced, it's difficult to predict the consequences.

A family out boating with friends on Star Lake, north of Falcon Lake, first noticed the creatures.

"It felt gross, slimy and wet," said nine-year-old Avery Alexiuk, who noticed the jellyfish while swimming.

The creatures are poisonous, but are only the size of a toonie and are too small to break through human skin.

The species of jellyfish originated in China and is believed to have been first introduced into Canada through ornamental water plants.

Manitoba Water Stewardship believes the jellyfish likely made their way into Manitoba by hitching a ride with birds. The creatures are so small they can easily climb onto ducks or water fowl as they fly from lake to lake.

The province said anyone who spots jellyfish should report them.

The creatures aren't expected to stick around, however. As the temperatures drop, their numbers are expected to decline.

- with a report from CTV's Jeremy Hunka

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