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From bowling to brunch: Winnipeg businesses enjoying a Mother's Day boost

Mother's Day isn't just a time to celebrate all of the contributions our moms make for us; it's also a major business draw for those in the hospitality industry.

From breakfast in bed to bouquets of flowers, Winnipeggers are treating their moms on Mother's Day.

"We made mommy breakfast and then a little hockey practice and then brunch in the Park Café," explained one family CTV News Winnipeg spoke to at Assiniboine Park.

For many in the hospitality industry, Mother's Day is more than just a holiday -- it's a chance to fill their businesses.

"Mother's Day has been great. It always is in the restaurant business," said Kris Kopansky, co-owner of Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery. "It's nice to take your mom out. Who wouldn't want to take their mom out?"

Looking to capitalize on Mother's Day celebrations, Brazen Hall held a special brunch on Sunday.

To set themselves apart, the brunch had a special menu, a DJ and plenty of booze.

"For us, we did something a little bit different this year. We offered a Mother's Beer Day, so focus a little bit on beer, flights of beer and brewery tours," said Kopansky.

Also looking in to cash in on the holiday are other non-traditional Mother's Day spots like Uptown Alley.

The bowling alley hosted a Mother's Day special for moms who wanted 10 pins rather than a dozen flowers.

"You know it's great because you can be a little competitive with each other. You know, it's an easy game for all ages. We got bumpers here, ramps, even little kids can roll balls down," said Evan Yuel, a manager at Uptown Alley.

The boost in business is welcome after a long pandemic of restriction-stifled holidays.

"Especially after the last couple of years, it's so nice to see, you know, families coming out again, spending time together in public, and yeah, you see it on all the smiles on everyone's faces at the end," added Yuel.

Regardless of where families choose to spend their Sunday, it's the heartfelt moments that are the most important. Top Stories

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