Legal cannabis is making its way from the store to consumers’ homes with same-day-delivery being rolled out in Winnipeg Wednesday.

Delivery outside of the city is handled by Canada Post, while a company called Pineapple Express Delivery Inc., a nod to a strain of cannabis that became better known due to a Hollywood movie named for it, is offering same-day-delivery through Hiku/Tokyo Smoke, Delta 9 and Meta Cannabis Supply Co./National Access Cannabis stores.

The company is based out of Toronto, but has so far only launched in Winnipeg with its CEO Randy Rolph calling the city its “flagship”.

“Our ultimate goal is to get delivery out across Canada, depending on where it is allowed for same-day-delivery,” said Rolph.

Delta 9 told CTV News that it had put together over 800 orders by Wednesday afternoon alone, with about 300 going through Canada Post and over 500 being handled by Pineapple Express Delivery.

Rolph said the company was prepared for the demand that came with legalization, and had checks and balances in place to keep its drivers safe, including using a “double tracking” system.

“They’re tracked not only by their vehicles and by their phone, but they also wear bracelets on their arms to be tracked,” said Rolph.

Rolph also said the company was using unmarked vehicles with dash cameras and that it was looking at switching out its fleet every three months so that vehicles don’t become recognizable.

The company has eight drivers and another two on standby, but Rolph said he’s already put out a request for 10 to 15 more drivers because of the demand on day one of legalization.

Canada Post has been delivering medical cannabis since 2013, and said it has the capacity to deal with any increase in deliveries.

When asked about any additional security measures for employees, this statement was provided:

‘The safety of our employees is our top priority with any deliveries. We have measures in place to ensure we provide a safe delivery experience for our employees and customers. To protect their safety and security, we do not comment publicly on those measures.”

Meanwhile the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba has standards in place for the third-party delivery of cannabis.

Within those standards, third-party delivery drivers have to ask for proof of age, to ensure the person receiving the package is at least 19 years old.

Drivers are not allowed to deliver to someone who appears to be intoxicated and can’t leave the package with someone who isn’t on the order.

Consumers also have to sign upon receiving their package.