Winnipeg’s police helicopter might not be here in the long run.

Police Chief Devon Clunis was noncommittal when asked about the future of the helicopter on Thursday.

"I think it's premature to say right now for me to say either way. What I can tell you is that certainly we're looking at this entire issue right now ," said Clunis.

"Some would say if you're able to avoid one pursuit ,or you're able to save one life, some will say it's valuable. I think you have to look at it in totality," he said.

Clunis said the service will have more to say about the helicopter in a matter of weeks. The city is expected to table its budget next month.

Sources say in a couple of years the chopper may need to be replaced or refurbished at a great expense.

The city bought the helicopter for $3.5 million.

The province pays for the annual operating costs.