WINNIPEG -- In the Meadowood area of St. Vital, Lynda Walker is having one of the first garage sales of the year.

According to her, people have been eager to begin bargain shopping.

"It's been amazing, everyone comes in and says thank god, we've waited and waited," said Walker.

She said garage sales are a Winnipeg tradition, and she saw a lot of shoppers over the weekend.

"Every spring and every fall, everyone opens up their homes," said Walker.

"[They] sell stuff that is in very good condition, at a low price, and it's a treasure for someone else."

On Monday, Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba's chief provincial public health officer, said garage sales and yard sales fall within the health parameters for outdoor gatherings.

Currently, up to 50 people are allowed to attend outdoor gatherings, provided physical distancing measures are in place.

Roussin said group sizes and physical distancing still need to be respected while attending garage sales.

"I think Manitobans have really flattened this curve," said Roussin.

"Still [use] a bit of caution. Make sure you're washing your hands frequently and that there isn't crowding taking place."

He said shoppers should be mindful of the added risk of browsing through frequently touched items.

Walker said physical distancing and sanitizing is part of the new normal at garage sales.

"We hand sanitize everyone who comes in and everyone who has come from another garage sale [knows]," said Walker.

"I'm thinking next weekend is going to be full of garage sales."