WINNIPEG -- Manitoba was hit with a spring snowstorm at the start of the week, and the change in weather is catching Canada geese off guard.

Images show geese with snow all the way up their necks after parts of Manitoba received up to 25 centimetres of snow.

According to the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (PWRC), a number of concerned citizens have contacted the non-profit organization about geese in the snow.

PWRC said this may appear concerning, but the geese are actually nesting and protecting their eggs from the cold weather.

The non-profit noted that geese burrow in the snow, which serves as insulation and keeps the geese warm.

PWRC says if people spot these geese in the snow, they should not uncover them or try to leave food. The non-profit noted these kinds of actions could disturb the geese and cause them to abandon their eggs.