WINNIPEG -- New data released by Google shows where Manitobans are and aren’t visiting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The numbers, which track residents’ mobility from March 21 to May 2, show how often people went to places like groceries, parks and transit stops compared to usual.

The search engine released its first batch of community mobility reports on April 3, followed by a second set on April 16.

With a few exceptions, the data shows that Manitobans have started to go out more and stay home less compared to the last time numbers were released.


According to the latest data, trips to retail and recreation facilities, such as restaurants, shopping malls, and museums, have declined 42 per cent below the baseline. This number has remained stagnant since the last time the numbers were released.

But, Google’s data does show Manitobans are going to parks, transit stations, and workplaces more since the last time numbers were released in April.

Visits to parks are 23 per cent below the baseline number, which is up 19 per cent from April 16.

Trips to transit stations are down 50 per cent below usual levels. On April 16, trips were down 55 per cent.

As for work, Manitobans went to their workplaces 29 per cent less than normal, an increase of 7 per cent from what was recorded in April.

The two places that Manitobans are visiting less now compared to the start of the pandemic are grocery stores and their homes.

The Google data shows trips to the grocery are 14 per cent below baseline numbers, but, the April 16 data had them at baseline levels.

Residents are also staying home less and less. The number of Manitobans staying at home may be up 12 per cent as of May 2, but this is down from a 15 per cent increase on April 16.

Manitoba health officials have urged residents to stay home as much as possible, even as some non-essential businesses began to reopen last week.