A Winnipeg woman made a public plea on Saturday, hoping to recover something important to her that was stolen.

Between Friday night and Saturday morning, Lynn Creasy's Buick was broken into.

When she woke up, she found that her papers were scattered everywhere and a tiny tin of her grandfather's ashes, that she had happened to leave in the glove box, was missing.

"It's the only thing I have left of him," Creasy said.

Her grandfather Howard died three yeas ago.

She was in the middle of moving and had though his ashes would be safe in her car during the transition.

The theives left a cross that she had kept with the remains.

"What kind of person would steal ashes? It has no meaning to them, but it means the world to me," she said.

The lock on the door of her car was broken, making the Buick an easy target for thieves.

"I just think that they're heartless," Creasy said.

Creasy said that she wants the thieves to know that she doesn't care if they took anything else, because all she wants back are her grandfather's ashes.