The brutal murder of a Greyhound bus passenger is raising questions about the bus line's security practices.

"It should be like at airports, everything gets checked, even your body gets checked," Maria Dueck told CTV News. She was using Greyhound for the first time on Thursday.

"It should be the same thing for buses -- people should be safer on the bus; because now I don't feel safe."

Greyhound says the brutal stabbing and decapitation that happened on a bus headed for Winnipeg Wednesday night was a rare and isolated incident.

Right now in the U.S., the company does random wand checks, but they don't have that kind of security in Canada.

The company says it has been discussing ways to improve bus security with Transport Canada for the past year and a half.

"A lot of people have talked about airport style security; but the rural nature of our network doesn't allow us to have that type of security," a spokesperson told CTV News. "It's not practical for us."

The union representing Greyhound bus drivers doesn't agree. It says all passengers and their luggage should get screened before being allowed on a bus. The union says bus drivers would feel more secure and so will passengers.

Drivers and passengers commended

On Thursday afternoon the RCMP commended the driver and passengers of the bus where the murder took place.

"I also want to acknowledge the driver and the other passengers on the bus," Sgt. Steve Calwell said at a news conference.

"What you saw would and what you experienced would shake the most seasoned police officer, yet I'm told that each of you reacted swiftly, calmly, and with bravery. We commend you for your level headedness and strength in the face of truly extreme circumstance. "