The group that hired a private investigator to follow property inspectors slacking on the job wants the city to hold more people “accountable.”

Last week the city confirmed eight employees had been fired and seven suspended after an internal city probe.

On Tuesday John Prystanski, the lawyer for the mystery group, told Mayor Brian Bowman’s executive policy committee his clients feel more needs to be done.

Prystanski says it’s difficult to believe no managers or supervisors were aware of the behaviour within the property department.

Mayor Brian Bowman peppered Prystanski with questions about the people who hired the private investigator. Bowman asked if any were lobbyists or lived outside of the city and how many are in the group.

Prystanski says the group is made up of small business owners and individuals and wouldn’t specify numbers.

The city bought the video evidence from the group for $18,000, allegedly showing inspectors doing personal activity during work hours like extended coffee and lunch breaks, long shopping trips, and gym workouts.