Judge Tracey Lord has delivered her verdict in the trial of Guido Amsel, 52, finding him guilty of attempted murder against his ex-wife and two lawyers who he sent letter bombs to.

One of the lawyers, Maria Mitousis, lost her right hand in a July 2015 explosion at her office.

Mitousis had represented Amsel’s former wife, Iris Amsel, who had been in a financial dispute with the now-convicted letter bomber. Two other explosives were found at the time, but they did not go off and were later safely detonated by police.

Guido Amsel was also found guilty of attempted murder in a December 2013 incident involving Iris Amsel, in which a device detonated outside her home, but not guilty of attempted murder as charged in connection with Iris Amsel’s boyfriend, who was also at the house at the time.

"There is expert evidence, which I accept, that the devices in question were all capable of not only causing bodily harm but were potentially lethal," said Judge Tracey Lord Thursday, as she gave her decision.

Lord cited DNA evidence linking Amsel to the crime scene as contributing to her decision, while rejecting alternate explanations provided by Amsel’s defence for how it could have ended up there.

She also spoke of Amsel’s motivation, saying she accepted that Amsel believed his former wife had stolen money from him and his own lawyers may have been paid off, without accepting that those things had happened.

"I am satisfied based on Mr. Amsel's conspiratorial beliefs about those involved in his civil legal proceedings that he had motive to harm them by sending explosive devices," Lord said, referring to a lawsuit Amsel had filed over profits from a business he and Iris Amsel owned together.

Amsel had testified during the trial that he was being framed by his wife. Lord said that wasn’t credible.

You can read the full written decision online here.

With files from Josh Crabb/CTV News and The Canadian Press.