WINNIPEG -- There is a new champion at the Viterra Championship.

Number two seed Jason Gunnlaugson was able to beat the top seed and defending champion Mike McEwen 7-4 to take the top prize.

Early on in Sunday’s match, it was all Gunnlaugson, who was already up by one in the third end. He got a steal of two and took a 3-0 lead after the third.

By the ninth end, Gunlaugson was up by one. After a miss from McEwen, Gunnlaugson made his shot for a draw of two, and went up 7-4 heading into the 10th.

Gunnlaugson will now represent Manitoba at the Brier in late February.

McEwen only lost two times the whole tournament, with both setbacks coming at the hands of Gunnlaugson.

- With files from CTV’s Pat McKay