Manitoba’s Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Thambirajah Balachandra wouldn’t comment on the specific case but confirms staff found H1N1 in the lungs of a young child who died in December.

He said even though H1N1 may have been harboured in the lungs, it doesn’t mean the boy died from it.

Balachandra said further investigation must be done before they can confirm cause of death.

The boy’s mother from Gimli, Man. tells CTV News her 19-month-old son Kylan Lux didn't show signs of being ill.

"He was the healthy, laughing, running around like himself. I didn't expect anything," said Michelle Prymych.

On Dec. 12, she went into his room.

“I just…woke up. I went into the room. And just like any other day - getting him ready for daycare. I went to his dresser, picked up his clothes, I turn to the crib and said, ‘Good morning, baby. Time to wake up ready for daycare.'”

Kylan didn't respond and was rushed to hospital.

Initially, medical staff thought he may have died from sudden infant death syndrome. Weeks later on Jan. 8, Prymych received a call from the medical examiner's office, saying the autopsy showed H1N1 in his lungs.

The office said they need to do more testing to determine if Kylan died from H1N1 or a pre-existing condition.

Whatever the results, Prymych said her life will never be the same.

"He was happy, he was energetic, he was a normal one-and-half-year-old little boy. He was amazing - the cutest little guy. I was so blessed to have the time I had with him," she said.

She hopes to open a daycare in Gimli and name it after her son.