WINNIPEG -- A three-year-old boy from Oakbank, Man., decided he had a hankering for some Tim Hortons, so he jumped in his battery powered Jeep and went through the drive-thru.

Chase Burton made the trip to the coffee shop accompanied by his parents.

"He wanted a sprinkle doughnut, so he said 'let's go for a ride to Tims,''" Chase's mother Kristy Komarnisky told CTV News.

She said the unlikely sight of a toddler driving through a Tim Hortons drive-thru got great reactions from both staff and customers.

"They loved it, they were pretty impressed," Komarnisky said.

She said Chase got the battery powered Jeep a couple months ago, and has been getting some good use out of it.

"He's been driving around, just cruising the streets of Oakbank with his dad and me," Komarnisky said. "We go to the park, and now Tims' apparently."

She said this probably won't be his last trip to the coffee shop.

"He loves his sprinkle doughnuts and now that he knows he can drive through the drive-thru, he'll probably try it again."