A Nelson House teacher was found dead on Sunday after his snowmobile went through some ice on Thursday.

RCMP told CTV News that members of the Nelson House RCMP detachment, along with the Cross Lake Community Fire Department, found the body of David MacDonald. The RCMP said their investigation concluded that the snowmobile broke through the ice.

Nelson House Chief Marcel Moody said MacDonald taught outdoor education in the community for more than five years.

MacDonald is originally from Miramachi in New Brunswick.

Moody said Sunday the community is in shock and devastated. “It’s been a tough afternoon. He had a profound impact,” he said.

A service will be planned in the community before his body is taken to New Brunswick, Moody said.

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Friends of MacDonald told CTV News he set out Thursday afternoon to a cabin on Osik Lake. He was due back at 6 p.m. on Thursday, but never returned.

MacDonald’s friend Lou Moodie said he was a well-liked teacher in the community.

That man left a footprint in our community. He touched a lot of hearts," he said. "He meant the world to us."

With the weather getting colder later in the year, Alan Butler of Snoman Inc. said the ice isn’t safe across much of the province.

He said ice should be at least six inches thick before snowmobilers head out.

Alan Butler, the president of Snoman Inc., said that winters appear to be getting colder later in the season. Ice should be at least six inches thick before snowmobilers head out.

He said, at the moment, the ice is still not safe across much of the province.

“Even in northern Manitoba, the ice isn’t safe. Stay off it, it’s just not safe,” he said.

- With files from Beth Macdonell