WINNIPEG -- Health Canada is advising the public about a recall involving birth control pills.

The recall has to do with a batch of Linessa 21, which is a prescription birth control pill.

The reason for the recall is because of "missing and mispackaged pills."

Health Canada said some packs are missing pills, have more than one pill in a slot or the pills are out of order.

Normally, packages of Linessa 21 contain seven light yellow pills, seven orange pills, and seven red pills. Each group of pills has a different amount of hormones and they are supposed to be taken every day, in order, for three weeks.

Linessa 21

Source: Health Canada

"Missing a pill, taking a pill out of the proper order, or taking two pills at the same time could lead to undesired pregnancy and other side effects including spotting and irregular bleeding," Health Canada said in a statement.

The affected batch is lot number 200049 with an expiration date of March 2023.

If anyone has a package that is missing pills or it is mispackaged, they are told to return to the pharmacy for a replacement.