February is heart month and the Heart and Stroke Foundation wants to help save more people from strokes and heart disease.

Close to 3,000 Manitobans die from strokes and heart disease every year.

Officials say 80 per cent of heart disease and stroke can be prevented by lowering stress, increasing exercise, and eating well.

Michael Buhr is with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba.  He says it is still the number one killer of Manitobans and Canadians. 

“Since 1957, the foundation has helped raise $55 million dollars for research in Manitoba, and the incidents of heart disease and stroke have improved by 75 per cent,” says Buhr.

Manitobans can watch for canvassers at their doorstep this month, raising money for research. As well, this month will be used to raise awareness about the importance of recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.

If you experience chest pains or shortness of breath you should call 911, and not drive yourself to the hospital.