One of the primary targets in a massive police investigation into organized crime received a sentence of nine years for drug-related charges on Thursday.

In a joint recommendation, the Crown and defence said Sean Sebastian Wolfe should receive a nine-year sentence following his arrest in December as part of Project Divide.

Wolfe, a full-patch Hells Angels member, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic cocaine.

Court heard that Wolfe, a major player in the city's drug trade, lived a lavish lifestyle. Wolfe primarily sold poor-quality cocaine at inflated prices. He also imposed an underworld tax on other drug dealers, forcing them to give him a cut of their profits, even when he wasn't supplying the merchandise.

Two others arrested alongside Wolfe in Project Divide, his half-sister Patricia Anne Walsh and his half-brother David William Single, also had joint recommendations presented in court.

Court heard that Walsh, who pleaded guilty to trafficking, should receive a sentence of five and a half years, according to the recommendation.

Walsh used her suburban housewife front to shuttle drugs instead of kids in her family's mini-van and was caught after unknowingly delivering cocaine to a police informant, court heard on Thursday.

The informant, a mid-level drug dealer turned snitch, helped officers build their case by buying drugs and weapons from suspects during the investigation.

A joint recommendation also called for David Single, who pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, to receive a sentence of seven and a half years.

Court heard that Single had acted as a pit boss, responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of the sale of cocaine, before his arrest during Project Divide.

The project involved more than 300 police officers who carried out a series of raids in December following an investigation that went on for more than a year. A total of 35 people were arrested.

In court on Thursday, a judge accepted the joint recommendations and gave Wolfe a sentence of nine years, along with giving Single a sentence of seven and a half year and Walsh a sentence of five and a half years.

- with a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout