A high-ranking member of the Rock Machine motorcycle club was granted bail in court on Tuesday.

The Crown fought against the release of Jean Paul Beaumont, after he previously breached court conditions, and acknowledged a gang war is ongoing in Winnipeg.

Inside court, the Crown referenced a report conducted by the Winnipeg police's organized crime unit that suggests the 38-year-old biker should stay in custody stating, "There's a gang war going on between the Rock Machine and the Hells Angels and their associates."

Last week, tensions began rising with a number of shootings and firebombings between the Hells Angels, their Redlined Support Crew and the Rock Machine. The president of the Rock Machine, Jay Strachan, was targeted, with his parents' home hit.

Then on Monday, a duplex on Taft Crescent was shot up, with a 14-year-old hit by gunfire. Police said the teen was an innocent bystander inside a residence struck by bullets.

Sources say the actual targets in the shooting on Taft and one on Canberra Road last week were the Vendettas, a puppet club of the Rock Machine.

CTV News is told someone also recently shot a flare gun through the window of a home on Mighton Avenue, a house with ties to the Redlined Support Crew where police seized a loaded nine millimetre handgun in February 2010.

No arrests have been made in the recent violence.

"We don't have a police officer on every corner and down every street, but we are committed to dealing with this issue," said Const. Jason Michalyshen, a spokesperson for Winnipeg police.

Beaumont's lawyer told CTV News his client completely denies the Rock Machine's involvement in the recent incidents and said the club has been the targets, rather than aggressors.

A publication ban on Tuesday's court proceedings prevents CTV from reporting the reasons behind the judge giving Beaumont bail with a number of conditions imposed.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley