A pest that “attacks and kills all species of ash trees” has been found in Winnipeg, according to the province.

The emerald ash borer is a wood-boring beetle that has wreaked havoc in forests across Canada and the US. It often spreads via the movement of firewood.

The city said the infected tree was found in St. Boniface, and it is working with the province and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to monitor the area.

“While emerald ash borer will have a significant impact on our urban tree canopy, the City has been preparing for its arrival for over a decade,” said Martha Barwinsky, city forrester, in a release. “We are ready to respond.”

The province is encouraging Manitobans to take measures to prevent the spread of the destructive insect. It says not to move firewood and burn wood only where it has been purchased. It also said people should plant a variety of trees in an area and know how to identify ash trees and infected ash trees.

According to the city’s website, you can spot emerald ash borer damage by looking for D-shaped exit holes in a tree’s bark, excessive woodpecker pecking, and during the summer, damage to foliage from adult beetles feeding on leaves, which leaves "irregular notches in the leaves."

It also said to look for S-shaped larval tunnels or larvae beneath bark, and bark splitting due to the tunnels.

The city says infected trees may not show signs for two to four years after being infested.