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Highways closed as Manitoba storm enters second day

Highways across southern Manitoba are closed on Thursday as the province continues to be hit with heavy snow, strong winds and poor visibility.

The following roads are closed on Thursday due to dangerous travel conditions:

  • Highway 1 from Headingley to the Saskatchewan Border
  • Highway 2 from Highway 100 to Souris
  • Highway 3 from Highway 100 to the south junction of Highway 83
  • Highway 3A from Crystal City to Highway 3
  • Highway 5 from the U.S. border to Grandview
  • Highway 10 from the U.S. border to Cowan
  • Highway 10 within Riding Mountain National Park
  • Highway 13 from Highway 1 to Carman
  • Highway 14 from Highway 75 to Highway 3
  • Highway 16 from Highway 1 to Minnedosa
  • Highway 16 from Highway 83 to Newdale
  • Highway 18 from the U.S. border to Highway 2
  • Highway 20 from Ochre River to Fork River
  • Highway 21 from Highway 24 to Oakburn
  • Highway 21 from the U.S. border to Highway 23
  • Highway 23 from Highway 21 to Highway 75
  • Highway 45 from Oakburn to Highway 10
  • Highway 50 from Highway 16 to Silver Ridge
  • Highway 68 from the Narrows to Highway 5
  • Highway 83 from Highway 16 to Miniota
  • Highway 100 from Highway 1 East to Highway 1 west
  • Highway 101 from Highway 1 West to Highway 1 East
  • Highway 190 from Highway 101 to Highway 7
  • Highway 278 from Highway 68 to Silver Ridge
  • Highway 457 from Brandon to PR 340

Environment Canada is warning Manitobans that highway travel could become difficult or even impossible on Thursday morning.

The weather agency adds that is people must travel, they should check the highway conditions before leaving and ensure they have a winter survival kit. Top Stories

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