The home located at 514 Wellington Cres. will have a shot at historical status after a city committee was split on an appeal vote.

The city’s property and planning committee voted a 2 to 2 split on Thursday to reject the appeal against the home’s and the Crescentwood neighbourhood’s nomination for a historical conservation designation. This means the nomination process will continue.

Waverly West’s Janice Lukes and Charleswood-Tuxedo’s Kevin Klein voted in favour of the appeal, while Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry councillor Sherri Rollins rejected it.

The final vote came down to committee chair Brian Mayes.

“I’m not going to vote to tear down the 100-year-old building,” Mayes said.

“Somebody else is going to have to do that.”

Dozens of supporters of the century-old structure were on hand at the hearing and called for action to preserve the property, questioning the construction of infill and declaring a right to have a voice in the matter.

“We’ve been seeking heritage conservation since the idea was first circulated at city hall,” one speaker, who supports the home’s designation, said.

The owner of 514 Wellington did speak at the hearing but did not comment. The owner’s lawyer, Jamie Kagan, spoke on their behalf.

“Just because of where you live and who you are, doesn’t create an entitlement,” Kagan said.

The property nomination will continue.