The demolition of a historic mansion in Winnipeg’s Crescentwood area has been suspended, because the neighbourhood has been nominated as a Heritage Conservation District.

CTV News reported on Wednesday that the City of Winnipeg gave the owner of the 110-year-old home a permit to demolish it, as well as a permit to build a 3500-square-foot, two-storey family dwelling.

A number of residents in the area voiced their opposition against the home being torn down, saying the demolition would be a loss to the community.

“If you have an empty lot an infill project would be appropriate. If you have a derelict building an infill project might be appropriate. If you have a beautiful single family residence, in perfect condition that’s an important part of a community, infill approach is not appropriate,” said Christine Skene, who lives in the area.

On Friday protestors gathered outside the home located at 514 Wellington Crescent with the aim of stopping the planned demolition.

Though demolition crews arrived, protestors parked their cars in spots that blocked the excavator from being brought into the backlane.

Police also arrived to announce that a stop work order had been issued by the city. 

The order came after Crescentwood was nominated as a Heritage Conservation District by the director of planning property and development.

“The HCD nomination includes all structures, built features and character defining elements within the current proposed boundaries subject to and consistent with Section 7 (4) and Section 25 (1) C of By-law 87/2018,” said a spokesperson for the city in an email.

“As such, and under the terms of By-law 87/2018 Heritage Conservation Districts, Section 10, any demolition permit in respect of a property located within the proposed HCD is suspended.”

But despite this turn of events, protestors are still worried the order won’t stop the home’s owner from moving forward with demolition plans.

“If they go ahead and demolish this building, how much do you think that fine is? $5,000. We’ve got a multi-millionaire, $5,000 is nothing to him,” said Diana Scoles.

The suspension can be appealed to the property and development, heritage and downtown development committee within 14 days.