WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba based private home care business has been fined $5,084 for failing to comply with public emergency health orders.

According to its website, Daughter on Call operates home care services in the Brandon and Westman area. The company received two fines, one in Brandon and one in Carberry.

Detailed in a health report from the province, on May 15, the company was issued a ticket for $2,542 in Brandon after failing to "take immediate and adequate precautions to control or minimize the risk of transmission of a communicable disease."

Daughter on Call was then fined another $2,542 on May 21 in Carberry. The province's health report said the ticket was given because the company didn't follow a health hazard order given by the Medical Officer of Health on May 14.

Daughter on Call is the fifth business in the province to receive afine for not complying with public emergency health orders. Four other companies have been fined $486 for breaching orders.

CTV News has reached out to Daughter on Call for comment.