A North End homeowner is in the midst of a dispute with the city over automated garbage bins he received recently.

John Triggs said two sets of garbage bins and recycling bins were delivered to his home, despite the fact that he and his wife only need one.

“I thought that one set of bins belonged to my neighbours,” said Triggs. After checking with his neighbours, he found all four bins were his – and he was being charged for both.

Winnipeg homeowners are charged $50 a year for the pair of bins.

When Triggs called the city to get two of the bins picked up and receive a refund, he was told he received both cars because his home was considered a duplex.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” he said. Triggs and his wife have a small kitchen area off of their bedroom but said it hasn’t been rented out since the 1980s.

Darryl Drohomerski, the manager of solid waste for the City of Winnipeg, said Triggs will have to deal with the city’s property assessment department if he wants things to change.

“(The) council approved plan was to charge per dwelling unit. He has two dwelling units,” said Drohomerski. “If he wants to pay for one dwelling unit, he has to adjust his assessment.”

The number of carts is based on the number of units assessed in a home, Drohomerski explained. The move is to prevent landlords from depriving tenants of garbage service.

Triggs said he had his home assessed last week and was told he would have to get rid of an oven plug, remove a sink and remodel before it will be considered a single-family home.

Triggs said he won’t be making those changes anytime soon.

“(The city) even offered to pick them up, proving that I don’t need them, but they will still charge me the $50 extra, which I think is kind of nuts,” said Triggs.

The city’s water and waste department said the matter will have to be resolved between Triggs and the assessment department. Until then, the fee will stand.

As for the rest of the city, carts should be delivered to all homes by the end of next weekend.