WINNIPEG -- When the clock strikes midnight, Manitoba's latest round of restrictions will begin, and they include only allowing one person per household at stores.

While this isn't necessarily a problem for things such as grocery shopping or buying clothes, big-ticket items might be a different story.

John Graham with the Retail Council of Canada said items such as refrigerators and washing machines are household decisions.

"The measures introduced will have an impact for retailers who sell very large, more expensive appliances, that you typically go with another member of the household to review," said Graham, who added this is a short-term problem.

Graham said despite the limitations, retailers are breathing a sigh of relief that stores weren't completely closed.

"(Businesses) will completely commit to enforcing (the restrictions) and be creative in the ways that they can support Manitobans doing shopping, especially in situations where you tend to go with another member of the household."

He added while businesses are adjusting, households will have to as well and he suggested people look online at the items they might want to purchase, or even take turns going into stores.

These restrictions will be in place until May 26.