WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg organization came to the rescue of a family who was unable to get food delivered, after five out of seven family members tested positive for COVID-19.

When five out of seven members of a Winnipeg family tested positive for COVID-19, life became stressful and difficult.

Winnipeg resident Billie Schibler said since the pandemic began, her family has been vigilantly using hand sanitizer, wearing masks, staying home, and wiping everything down with Lysol wipes, so when five of them tested positive for COVID-19, it was a shock.

“It just really was quite an eye opener for us to find that, despite all of our greatest efforts, we still came down with this and we still haven’t been able to determine where it came from,” she said.

Schibler told CTV News Winnipeg that everyone wore masks and had to be isolated away from each other.

However, not being able to cook was starting to take even more of a toll.

“I couldn’t even get a restaurant to deliver to me initially, as soon as I said I will pay for it by Visa, there has to be no interaction, we’re under quarantine, just drop it at my door and step away. Their first response was, ‘Oh I don’t think we can deliver to you,” Schibler said.

That was when members from a Winnipeg organization, Clan Mothers Healing Village (CMHV), stepped in to deliver food.

“It was an abundance of food,” Schibler said.

“The effort and love and care that went into that was just unbelievable and it was hot and ready to go.”

Members of the CMHV have also been delivering food and cleaning supplies to the family. Schibler said they will call or text, ring the doorbell, and leave the supplies on the doorstep.

Jamie Goulet, a co-founder of CMHV, said helping others is something everyone needs to remember, especially now.

“We all have that ability as a human being inside of us to give, particularly when people are in need and it’s a crisis situation,” Goulet said.

Schibler said it has been nearly a month since her family came down with COVID-19, and without the help of people like Goulet and others from the CMHV, she is not sure how they would have survived.