WINNIPEG -- Halloween is a time for little ghosts, ghouls, and superheroes to roam door to door in search of candy. But in the age of COVID-19, will the annual tradition be frightening for all the wrong reasons?

Parent Rachel Martinez is thinking ahead to what Halloween will look like, and is wondering what they'll feel comfortable doing this year.

"A couple of the options that have come up, and have been done in the past is just to leave a bowl outside your door for anybody who does come by," said Martinez.

Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, Dr. Brent Roussin, said what happens with Halloween this year, will depend on the situation closer to the date.

"This is largely an outdoor event," said Roussin. "It will certainly look different than it normally does. But I wouldn't want to say at this point that there isn't a way it could still happen."

Businesses like Winnipeg's Party Stuff certainly hopes so. Andrea Thompson, the manager of the Kenaston location, said for them, Halloween is like Christmas is for other retailers. 

"COVID, it does exist, but we're hoping people have house parties, like just families, neighborhood parties just keep it small," said Thompson.

Rachel Martinez hopes the COVID situation will be okay by Halloween. 

She says she'll be playing it by ear right up until the day itself.