WINNIPEG -- School is almost out for summer, and the province is planning for next year.

Manitoba Education is developing a framework that will be used to guide schools through Phase Three of reopening, and ensure the safety of students and staff.

On June 11, the province launched two surveys about school re-entry, one for students and one for parents.

The surveys are designed to gain feedback from families about how they want to see schools re-opened in the fall

“The survey has been compiled,(and) structured by the government, so government will take the feedback that students and parents offer,” said Alan Campbell, president of the Manitoba School Boards Association.

The Manitoba School Boards Association is a voluntary organization of school boards in the province.

Campbell said when the province releases the survey data it will help guide the association’s next move.

“What does this guidance tell us, from a provincial perspective?” asked Campbell. “How do we make what has been decided by the government -- in terms of education -- how do we make that work in our own communities?”

The survey asked questions like how comfortable parents are with their kids going back to school full time. How parents feel about a mix of at home, and in-class learning.

It also asked if parents are comfortable sending their child to a different school than the one they currently attend.

The Manitoba Child Care Association said these changes could have a huge impact on child care.

“I would hope that as part of the strategy for planning for the fall, child care (would) be a part of that,” said Jodie Kehl, Executive Director of Manitoba Child Care Association.

Kehl said it often feels like child care is a second thought.

“I think it’s wonderful that they’re doing the surveying of students and parents for schools,” said Kehl. “Why are they not giving that same kind of consideration to child care?”

Kehl said she’s had several webinars with Dr. Brent Roussin, the chief provincial public health officer, but she wants to see more consultation with parents who have kids in child care.

A spokesperson for Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen, told CTV Winnipeg in a statement, “the preparedness and safety of students, staff and families is paramount. Manitoba Education is considering different public health scenarios and will work with school divisions and public health officials on detailed plans.”

“The survey has been designed to get a quick snapshot of the current thoughts, concerns and comfort level of parents and students, and to help the province identify areas in which additional effort on planning is necessary. To ensure the survey is as easy as possible to complete, registration is not required."

The spokesperson also said an online survey of teachers was also conducted in early June in collaboration with the Manitoba Teachers Society, and its results are pending.