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How the Manitoba government is recruiting nurses from the Philippines


A delegation from the Manitoba government is on its way to the Philippines to try and recruit new nurses to come work in our province.

The recruitment mission – announced last month – is sending a group of Manitoba's health-care employers to Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo in the Philippines to conduct job interviews between Feb. 21 and 25.

Applicants have been pre-screened with a focus on internationally-educated nurses who have worked for at least two years in a hospital or long-term care. Candidates must also have completed an internationally recognized English language test.

Minister of Health Audrey Gordon said Manitoba already has an existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Philippines that has been used to recruit workers before. "We are reaching out to the Philippines under our current MOU to fill some gaps in our health system in Manitoba," she said.

It's not the first time Manitoba has recruited nurses from the South Pacific country. A previous recruitment campaign brought in more than 100 nurses after the MOD was first signed in 2008. Gordon said our province has a strong connection to the Philippines.

"Manitoba has a very vibrant Filipino population and Manitoba is a choice destination for individuals migrating from the Philippines," she said.

Audrey said they have partnered with two recruitment agencies and have had more than 175 interested candidates apply so far.

She said the recruiting team will be touting all the positive things about living in Manitoba. "We tell them about our diversity here, our lakes, our wonderful summers, Manitoba's affordability, it's a great place to live, work, and raise a family," said Gordon.

Gordon said the province will also help pay for the nurses' move and settlement in Manitoba.

"Through Shared Health and Manitoba Health, we are assisting with immigration, we are assisting with navigation, helping the individuals to get their testing completed, and to land here in Manitoba," said Gordon. "So a lot of supports are being provided."

The delegation is being led by Advanced Education, Immigration and Skills Minister Jon Reyes. "I’m very proud to be a member of Manitoba’s large and dynamic Filipino community, and long history of recruiting health-care providers from the Philippines,” said Reyes in a news release. “The community and history in this province is vital to our recruitment of new Filipino health-care providers who want to build a stronger future for themselves and their families."

Gordon said she expects the mission to be a great success. "Over the next 12 months, we anticipate seeing … a few hundred people come here to Manitoba under various categories, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, as well as health-care aides."

Gordon said she's excited about the mission.

"I hope the team has a safe journey to the Philippines, a very successful trip, and I look forward to welcoming them back in about a week." Top Stories

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