WINNIPEG -- A local program is back to help provide some relief to Winnipeg’s tree population.

On Wednesday, Trees Winnipeg announced that its Winnipeg ReLeaf Tree Planting Program is back for its sixth year and offering more packages than ever before.

Through this program, homeowners can purchase tree packages that include the trees, mulch, tree guards, and tree planting information.

“At the rate that we’re losing trees because of Dutch Elm Disease and Emerald Ash Borer and other problems, it’s really important to people that we continue to plant these trees and care for them so we can maintain that mature canopy,” said Martine Balcaen, program director of Trees Winnipeg.

“This gives people an opportunity, not just to wait for the city to plant all these trees, which of course they only have limited resources, but to take matters into their own hands and to plant trees on their own property.”

Last year, Winnipeggers bought about 750 trees through the spring and fall ReLeaf programs. This year about 1,000 tree packages, which have been carefully selected to survive Winnipeg’s climate and soil conditions, are available.

“It is going to get bigger and bigger every year,” Balcaen said.

“We’ve always sold out and we expect to sell out this year as well.”

Winnipeggers can find the available tree packages online.

The packages are available for purchase until May 31, while supplies last. The pickup date for the trees is June 5.