WINNIPEG -- Manitobans can now find out where they fit in the province's vaccine priority list and how many people are in line before them.

The province has launched its Vaccine Queue Calculator. The calculator asks Manitobans to give their age, and select any categories that apply to them.

The categories are:

  • Prioritized health-care workers;
  • First Nations initial priority groups;
  • First Nations;
  • Personal care home residents; and
  • Congregate living residents.

Based on this information, the province provides an estimate of where you fit in the priority list.

Manitoba Vaccine Queue Calculator

(A picture of Manitoba's new Vaccine Queue Calculator)

For example, a person in their 20s who is not part of any specified priority group is among the last in line – with more than 612,000 people prioritized ahead of them.

A person in their 60s who is First Nations, but not among a high priority group, has approximately 60,800 people ahead of them in line. 

Those first in line for the vaccine include First Nations priority groups, health-care workers, and personal care home groups.

Not everyone in the same age group will be eligible to get the vaccine at the same time. The province said because First Nations people are at a greater risk of developing a serious illness from COVID-19, they will be prioritized within each age group.

You can find out where you stand on Manitoba's vaccine priority list here