Winnipeggers have responded to the call for cellphones to help the city's most vulnerable.

Cell Phone Repair in St. Vital now has about 350 working and non-working phones.

Owner Denny Black decided to collect cellphones after three vulnerable men were killed downtown in April. He is fixing and giving the phones to Main Street Mission and Siloam Mission to distribute to their clients.

Once handed out, the phones allow callers to reach 911 in an emergency, without the need of a service plan.

However, it’s imperative callers give a precise location so emergency responders can find them.

"Without a carrier or contract, there is no way for police or other emergency services to obtain a location,” said Black.

Students from Dakota Collegiate also helped collect 15 cellphones for the drive.

Anyone who still has an old phone can still drop it off at the store.

Black said the response has been fantastic and thanks everyone who donated a phone.