The 19-year-old woman who told police a doctor sexually assaulted her doesn't want to be identified but she wants to be heard.

Speaking with CTV News Wednesday, she trembled as she recalled what she says happened while alone in an examination room with a doctor.

The woman went to a walk-in clinic seeking help for stomach pain.

“He went straight to asking me to pull down my pants and lean against the examination table and he started touching me inappropriately,” she said.

The patient said she was groped and told to touch the doctor.  She said she built up the courtage to tell him to stop.

“He leaned forward and he kissed me twice and told me he really likes me and that I’m a special patient,” she said. “And that I should come once a week to do this.”

Winnipeg Police have charged 51-year-old Dr. Amir Ravesh with sexual assault.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba told CTV News in an email Dr. Ravesh is not currently practicing and as such, his name has been removed from the College's Physician Profiles. The Medical Act prohibits the College from saying if one of their members is under investigation by the College.

You Medical Centres walk-in clinic, the clinic where the alleged incident happened, is now closed.

On Wednesday, a day after Winnipeg Police released a statement about the charge against Dr. Ravesh, Const. Jay Murray with Winnipeg Police says they’ve received more calls.

“Our sex crimes unit has received a number of calls regarding the conduct of Dr. Ravesh. They’re continuing with their investigation right now,” Const. Murray said.

The teenage patient said at first, she wasn’t going to tell anyone about what she says happened. She said it wasn’t until she was at the hospital being treated for her injuries that she became emotional and confided in another doctor.

“I walked out of the clinic and I started crying cause I didn’t know who to tell or what to do because I didn’t think anyone would believe that a doctor did this to me,” she said.

The 19-year-old is studying to become a doctor herself.

“Know that it’s okay to step forward if someone does something like this to you. That you shouldn’t be afraid to use your voice,” she said.

None of these allegations have been proven in court.

CTV News reached out to Dr. Ravesh but has not heard back.