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'I'm so excited': The Winnipeg students pitching ideas to Nickelodeon


A group of Winnipeg students are taking their creative minds to L.A., where they will have the chance to take their animation work to new levels.

On Thursday, students in the Sisler CREATE’s post-high program went out to California for a chance to pitch their animation projects to Nickelodeon, one of the most well-known children’s television channels.

“This is the craziest thing I have ever been a part of and maybe ever will,” said Everett Dawson, one of the post-high students going to L.A.

“I’m so excited, I got no sleep. But again, I think it’s going to be worth it for this trip.”

Dawson noted he’s pitching a show idea a called ‘Heave Ho Coco’ about a coconut pirate who gets marooned on an island, and has to learn to make friends, play games and be on his own.

One of the other students, Angelica Velasco, said she’s pitching a series called ‘The Hero’s Ernie,’ which is a satirical comedy on the hero’s journey, with a protagonist who has no interest in being a hero.

Sisler High School’s CREATE Program helps both high school and post-graduate students who are looking to pursue careers in new and digital media, including animation, game design, and film.

“We’re really connected with the industry. We’re partners with Nickelodeon, people high up in Sony, Nelvana,” Velasco said.

“It’s not a regular class situation for us post high [students]. We have year-long projects that we go through the entire animation pipeline basically.”

- With files from CTV’s Joseph Bernacki. Top Stories

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