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'I never thought it would be anything this size': City committee approves oversized garage without permit


A city committee has given the green light to an oversized garage, where no permit was pulled.

"They stood this thing up so quick, so fast, then it's like wow, I never thought it would be anything this size,” said neighbour, Darren Van Wynsberghe.

The garage on Liberty Street, south of Wilkes Avenue, is 4,200 square feet - more than four times the allowable limit

City planners were alerted to the garage being built without a permit.

They rejected an application by owner Tylan Unrah for a variance after the fact, meaning he would have to tear it down or scale it down to the proper dimensions for a development permit to be issued.

"I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused,” said Unrah.

Unrah appealed the order to the city's appeal committee. He said sorry for not getting a permit, and explained he needs the garage to store a motor home, camper, a snowmobile trailer, and a watercraft.

He said many of his neighbours support him.

"First, I would need to say that I made mistakes along the way, specifically in the manner in which I proceeded with the storage garage. Primarily of course I have not received a permit and should have gone through all of the requirements,” Unrah said.

In a three to one vote the committee agreed to let the garage stand.

The neighbourhood is zoned rural residential and has large homes and lots.

“It's a big rural type property, this is a long way from the property line, yah it's an oversized garage we've allowed many of those,” said Coun. Brian Mayes.

But the decision is not sitting well with his neighbour next door

"Basically you do not need a permit just build it and ask for forgiveness later,” said Van Wynsberghe.

“This backyard used to be like a park we would only see trees back here. Now I feel like I live in an industrial park."

Coun. Evan Duncan said he is also in disbelief.

He worries others will now flout the permit process, and deal with the consequences later

"I think that either tearing it down would have set a major signal to Winnipeggers but at least a reduction in size,” said Duncan. Top Stories

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